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Establishing a solar PV plant in Pakistan requires a lot of homework in order to save oneself from difficulties later. A complete process flow chart, developed by International Finance Corporation, is presented here.

Solar Process Map SS

While the above map gives a step-by-step procedure on establishing a solar PV plant in Pakistan, some steps can be taken using some other routes as well, which have been explained in detail in the report. However, it is recommended to discuss your plan with the authorities in Pakistan to verify the updated policies and plans on renewable energy technologies. The upfront tariff for solar has not been announced for this year as the government might plan to go for reverse bidding / auctioning suitable lands for renewable energy plants. Moreover, it is also recommended that a complete picture of the grid infrastructure is taken before arriving at a decision to install a PV plant in Pakistan, which would require talking to Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB), and National Transmission & Dispatch Company (NTDC).

The complete report though would be useful as background information to understanding the environment, the pre-requisites, and pros and cons of establishing solar PV plants in Pakistan, and can be accessed here.


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